This site will not be characteristic of typical wine reviews for a few main reasons:

First, I like to share history, fun facts, or a story about the winery whose wine I review. I feel this offers an important connection to not only tasting what is the culminated hard work of hundreds of sets of hands, but to a wine’s home and life.

Second, I am a 27 year old Finance professional who developed an immense passion for wine during my collegiate endeavors. I consume bottles ranging from “Two Buck Chuck” to once in a lifetime rarities simply in pursuit of understanding what makes grapes, terroir, and wine production so different within regions or around the world as a whole. To this end, I have no “professional” qualifications to write these reviews beside the fact that I love wine, I love learning about it, and I love interacting with people who share these ambitions. I am not a sommelier, but I did receive my WSET Level 2 Certification with Distinction last year.

Third, I do not pay much attention to the 100-point rating system for wines. I believe to enjoy wine you must taste as much as possible and develop your own rating for “I like this” or “I don’t like this.” I believe the rating system becomes skewed by reviewers’ personal tastes and preferences, while forcing pricing either higher or lower. To this end, I will include a recommendation in my reviews but, for now, refrain from a point scale.

I hope you enjoy reading my reviews and following this journey of wine with me.

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